Design, video, web and games are my passion. For the last 10 years, I’ve worked for a digital media agency in London following the majority of these passions. However as is often the case circumstances out of my control prompted me to make some hard decisions. One of which was to start Fire Flash Production.

With all this experience, I do find it difficult to pigeon hole exactly what I do. What I mean by this is, im a graphic designer but I can also edit video. I can record the voice over for the video and edit the audio to remove the background noise and unwanted sounds. I can design a website and develop it. This website might need a 3D animation of helicopter, modelled any animated by myself which I can composite onto a live action video (plate). Adding the effects to said helicopter such as motion blur or colour correction is no problem. I can create a motion graphics title sequence derived from a storyboard I’ve drawn and illustrate any finer details using any number of mediums. I also have a fair amount of industry experience client facing, networking and mentoring to boot. All of this and a mean cup of tea.  It’s a bit of mouthful to succinctly get over in one breath.

Fire Flash is so much more than just me. It is the very talented people I work with. It’s about the creative vision of the clients who’ve taken me on. It’s about the connections I make and the work I do, which have created so many memorable moments. Projects ad opportunities rarely happen in isolation so being part of a team and cultivating a network is essential. with that in mind it also flows into the range of services Fire Flash offers. 

Wow I’ve written alot already and just about me, well it is the ‘About’ section so if you’ve read this far, fear not weary reader the end is in sight.

So what im saying is because I have all this unique experience I believe I can offer the best in a wide range of skills and disciplines. Through my time I have built a decent network of talented and like minded people (most of which I call friends). With whose assistance I am sure I could fulfill quite a wide range of any potential  needs a clients may have. From coding an iPhone app to illustrating a children’s book to a full blown e-commerce site sky’s the limit.

Please feel free to contact me in any capacity whether it be for a chat about ideas, what your needs are and how I can help. Or even just to say hi !

I am firmly of the belief that we never stop learning and try to apply this learning paradigm to my working and personal life. Applying new learning to new or improved software in new ways of working to get the best results out of a new situation. New doesn’t replace the old but refines and distills it to reach new horizons.

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