Alpha Padwork

Padwork intructional video series

Commisioned: Alpha Padwork 

Director: Sean Tucker

Production: Video Production / e-commerce – Web design

Output: Branding + 3 Instructional videos about Boxing padwork + e-commerce web site as distribution.

Alpha Padwork is the brainchild of Darren Richardson, a world champion kickboxer. Mr Richardson envisioned a video training series of instructional videos to teach boing coaches and boxers alike, the fundamental techniques of good boxing and pad work. You see this demonstrated in video one. In videos two and three, you see further advanced techniques as well as insights into the best training practices. 


The filming was completed in three days and the editing took a couple of weeks, both of which were within the specified deadline. During this time a website was designed, built and implemented to showcase the three different levels of boxing and create a hub for the videos to be distributed via Vimeo as the main subscription service. 


You can purchase the videos now on


Pro Series from Clevertouch 3D animated product showcase. Commisioned: Creative Mesh  Director: Ian Kennedy Software used: Cinema 4D  Render engine: Redshift Compositing: After effects Demonstrated

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