Corporate Filming

Interviews, infomercials, events filming, medical filming etc.

Commisioned: New World Designs / Various medical 

Software used: Adobe After Effects, Premier, 

Video Production: Behind the scenes filming / Corporate video / Medical videos 

No one can underestimate the power of video content, if a picture says a thousand words what does a 5 minute video say?


At Fire Flash we have quite alot of experience filming in all sorts of situations across a range of subjects and genres. From talking heads to infomercials to live streaming surgery. This video is a small example of some of the many projects we have completed with a wide variety of clients. 


Videos and moving media are an easily digestible way for business to impart information that holds a higher retention rate than just still images alone and engages your audience.


If you considering video content for your business, please get in touch and and we discuss the viability of video for you.


Pro Series from Clevertouch 3D animated product showcase. Commisioned: Creative Mesh  Director: Ian Kennedy Software used: Cinema 4D  Render engine: Redshift Compositing: After effects Demonstrated

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