Direct Line Infomercial

Filmed & animated infomercial

Commisioned: Direct Line

Software used: Adobe After Effects, Premier, 

Video Production: Panasonic GH4

A colleague and I were approached by Direct Line to create a set of videos that would be used to communicate the extra services they offer their customers highlighting the ad hoc nature of added benefits to their policies when taking out insurance. 



The videos consisted of filming members of their insurance departments explaining Motor Legal protection and optional breakdown cover 



The videos were then ‘composited’ with motion graphics and simple 2D animation to convey the information required from the provided artwork assets. 


This was then put on the Direct Line website explaining to their customers the benefits there in. 



Pro Series from Clevertouch 3D animated product showcase. Commisioned: Creative Mesh  Director: Ian Kennedy Software used: Cinema 4D  Render engine: Redshift Compositing: After effects Demonstrated

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