Streamline Logo Sting

3D animated logo sting

Commisioned: Laser Lines

Director: Elliot Hewitt

Software used: Cinema 4D, Realflow  

Render engine: Redshift

Compositing: After effects

Fire Flash was approached by Laster Lines Creative to produce a short 10 second logo stong for their client. The client already had the idea in mind and needed it to be facilitated. 


Fire Flash stepped in using liquid simulation techniques in 3D to fill their client’s logo up with water and have it finishing filled up and in their logo transitioned in place. 


It was a short and fun project which excercised fluid simulation and particle physics as well as comping techniques to simulte motion blur and depth of field. 


Pro Series from Clevertouch 3D animated product showcase. Commisioned: Creative Mesh  Director: Ian Kennedy Software used: Cinema 4D  Render engine: Redshift Compositing: After effects Demonstrated

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