Toyota car commercial (behind the scenes)

Working with German company 3DS and Orillo, we were asked to create part of an advert for Toyota Europe, using our bullet time rig.

Taking over an entire area of Shoreditch London, with a street closed off, set up a 72 camera rig on an 8-meter radius curve in during the afternoon in 4hrs and had it ready for the night time shoot.

Amazon Primte Germany (behind the scenes)

Working with German company 3DS and BDA Creative, we created a 180 degree, 8-metre diameter rig, using 72 cameras DSLR cameras.

Working with actor Matthias Schweighöfer, NWD were to shoot him running past with him being chased. We worked in collaboration with the incredible award-winning photographer Andreas Franke. We merged the bullet time rig system with his Hasselblad camera with our trigger system, allowing us to trigger all the cameras, plus the Hasselblad at the same time, to give a perfectly synced shot across all the cameras.

Northern Osteotomy Masterclass

Following the success of the new cadaveric masterclass format, this year’s meeting will further explore the practical techniques and new in knee osteotomy. Tibial, femoral and complex osteotomy are all featured over this two-day Masterclass.

Hiscox 3D Illustrator

Hiscox 3D Illustration The concept of this project was to be simple. Hiscox Insurance wanted a “airfix” type airplane look modelled to a set of objects that represent their company. Their goal was to use this work throughout their end of year company report so required a clean “plastic” look.     The object requirements […]

Behind the scenes / Corporate videos

Corporate Filming Interviews, infomercials, events filming, medical filming etc. Commisioned: New World Designs / Various medical  Software used: Adobe After Effects, Premier,  Video Production: Behind the scenes filming / Corporate video / Medical videos  No one can underestimate the power of video content, if a picture says a thousand words what does a 5 minute video […]

Direct Line informercial

Play Play Previous Next Direct Line Infomercial Filmed & animated infomercial Commisioned: Direct Line Software used: Adobe After Effects, Premier,  Video Production: Panasonic GH4 A colleague and I were approached by Direct Line to create a set of videos that would be used to communicate the extra services they offer their customers highlighting the ad hoc […]

Acer laptop infomercial

Acer Laptop Proof of concept 3D animated product showcase. Commisioned: Fire Flash Director:Sean Tucker Software used: Cinema 4D  Render engine: Octane Compositing: After effects A proof of concept video for the Acer Aspire Switch 10e. Highlighting the key USPs of the product and showcasing them in a fun and lively 3D video.    The proof […]

Streamline Logo Sting

Streamline Logo Sting 3D animated logo sting Commisioned: Laser Lines Director: Elliot Hewitt Software used: Cinema 4D, Realflow   Render engine: Redshift Compositing: After effects Fire Flash was approached by Laster Lines Creative to produce a short 10 second logo stong for their client. The client already had the idea in mind and needed it to […]

Alpha Padwork

Alpha Padwork Padwork intructional video series Commisioned: Alpha Padwork  Director: Sean Tucker Production: Video Production / e-commerce – Web design Output: Branding + 3 Instructional videos about Boxing padwork + e-commerce web site as distribution. Alpha Padwork is the brainchild of Darren Richardson, a world champion kickboxer. Mr Richardson envisioned a video training series of […]

Tefal Actifry Infomercial

Tefal Actifry Informerical 3D animated product showcase. Commisioned: Dodec Director: Sean Tucker Animator: Sean Tucker Software used: Cinema 4D  Render engine: Redshift Compositing: After effects This is a SD animated infomercial covering the main USP’s of a Tefal ActiFry product to promote a healthy eating campaign.     Due to a tight deadline and no suitable […]