Pro Series from Clevertouch 3D animated product showcase. Commisioned: Creative Mesh  Director: Ian Kennedy Software used: Cinema 4D  Render engine: Redshift Compositing: After effects Demonstrated is a 3D animated infomercial, covering the main USP’s of the Pro Series interactive monitor from Clevertouch.    In this project, the client kindly provided a story board which enabled […]

Its Slowmo time!

Setting up a slowmo booth! This wonderful life takes you in all directions. I’ve filmed things like open knee surgery, holocaust survivors recounting their worst memories, commercials to name a few, and now Slow Mo Booths! It was my pleasure to setup and film a slowmo Booth for friend Sheyi & Simon who tied the […]


This is a blog post about the process I went through filming The Alphapadwork Series of Boxing Padwork instructional videos. You can find them here. The main trailer for the whole series as well as a rough production diary is after the jump

New Fire Flash Production Shorwell 2015

Here is the new Showreel for Fire Flash Production to usher in the new year. The trailer showcases a number of different projects that have been completed. These encompass, VFX, video production, medical filming, motion graphics and 3D animation. As time goes on I will add to the portfolio section and the services to showcase […]

New VFX Reel

Ive just completed the VFX reel for 2015 comprising of some break downs and VFX snap shots from a film that is going to be imminently released.

Interview style

The kinds of shoots I have been on now have been wide and varied. This particular shoot was for a client of the agency I worked for. Along with my partner in crime Mr Bartosz Dzidowski (or Tosh as I call him) we were commissioned to create an FAQ’s video in an interview style. It […]

Lynx Appollo 360 jump – behind the scenes.

Another country tour, this time around the UK for Lynx. – Northampton > Hull > Shefield > Manchester > Nottingham > Birmingham > Coventry > Bristol > Cambridge > High Wycombe > London

Knee Buddy Shoot

We were commissioned by Knee Guru to create a series of instructional videos on Knee Physio Therapy that would be viewed using an Iphone or Android Phone.

Tefal Fresh Express Shoot

We were commissioned by Tefal to create an infomercial for Fresh Express, which was the new product at the time. A motorised grating / slicing machine.