Setting up a slowmo booth! This wonderful life takes you in all directions. I’ve filmed things like open knee surgery, holocaust survivors recounting their worst memories, commercials to name a few, and now Slow Mo Booths! It was my pleasure to setup and film a slowmo Booth for friend Sheyi & Simon who tied the knot and kindly invited me to ‘Slowmo’ for them.

Here are some shots of my set up the end result and video are at the bottom.

Just surveying the location and setting up the softboxes (you need a lot of light for slowmo) and getting the bits and pieces setup.

20150808_133424The interior was a little on the small side so I opted to go outside (on a nice summers eve) and get more space. Just setup the lights and setting up the backdrop.

20150808_141720Everything has been setup now and the main ‘wobbly’ offenders have been firmly ‘gaffered’ to the floor.

20150808_144934Its getting dark, lights, camera and Action! Also had to pull taught that last minute backdrop (could have done with another iron)

20150808_204035This lovely group of ladies honored me with some funky dance moves

20150808_213930I saw rather a lot of these two through the evening 🙂

20150808_222513.. and I was invited into the booth to dance around … not sure they were ready for the crazy shapes and funky ‘Rave’ moves 😉

20150808_222635The groom’s father and brother lost their inhibitions within and put some of the young’uns to shame.

20150808_224546  The Final results.

They liked the video so much that I decided to do a redux version for them with a remix of their chose track. Just before they went on their honeymoon they posted the Redux on Facebook to rapturous applause!

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