We were commissioned by Knee Guru to create a series of instructional videos on Knee Physio Therapy that would be viewed using an Iphone or Android Phone.

This was a little animation created to showcase how the video would look ‘in app’ for the client.


The Videos would be navigable as part of an app that could be downloaded via the www.kneeguru.co.uk website.

We very kindly were given the permission to use Ashwood Physiotherapy www.ashwoodphysiotherapyreading.com and sports injury center in Reading for their expertise and facilities. They were invaluable and very generous for the use of their facilities and time in helping us with the medical aspects of the shoot.



This was our first shoot using an electronic clapper board using a tablet. It worked like a treat and is the way forward for all digital filming.


DSLR filming is the way to go.


Using two DSLR cameras we could get a wide shot and close-ups in one take (usually) without having to reshoot and recheck the shots.



Incidentally, I am using Manfrotto 504 HD fluid head tripod and with Manfrotto 546BK sticks.


All in all, we went through about 40 post operative physio exercises which were filmed over the course of a day. We then filmed the Physio’s promotional video for him to put on this website, which you can find here http://www.ashwoodphysiotherapyreading.com/

knee-buddy-11 knee-buddy-09 knee-buddy-13 knee-buddy-22

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