Another country tour, this time around the UK for Lynx.
– Northampton > Hull > Shefield > Manchester > Nottingham > Birmingham > Coventry > Bristol > Cambridge > High Wycombe > London

– 3200 Bullet Time Movies
– 115,000 photographs
– 2122 Miles!
– 15 Hotel rooms
– 32 Mcdonald meals
– 63 Sandwiches
– 13 pizzas
– 38 Canon DSLR Cameras
– 6 meter diameter custom made camera truss
– 220 KGs of equipment
– 6 weeks away from home
– 1/2 a KM of wires
– over 300 wiring connections

I and New World Designs were asked to produce a brand awareness campaign for Lynx Apollo, who were relaunching the Apollo brand. We produced a custome bullet time rig, which we transported around the UK. We set up a full bullet time rig, with 36 cameras, and a specially produced structure, which is built for light weight and fast set up and strip down. We built 7 custom wiring looms for speed and setup, which saved about 4hrs per day. The project ran in conjunction with Tescos, we also had our own promotional staff to help guide customer into the rig and sell the Lynx products.

The videos were then processed on mass with motion graphics created by Sen San and put onto the website below.

A few of the 3200 movies – You can also see them directly on the offical Lynx Apollo YouTube account


All the images and video were put on the website specifical commisioned for the project and developed by newworld designs

web_about web_home web_products web_video
Some of the stills from the videos.

Ellis_Birmingham_2 flying_kick_01 Ian_and_sean promo_and__astronaut promo_girls_01 promo_girls_02 promo_girls_03 promo_staff_01


Behind the scenes

Some behind the scenes shots of my colleague Ian and I an action 🙂

another_breakfast another_hotel Behind_the_scenes_-_inflatable_structure_guys Behind_the_scenes_-_pre-job Behind_the_scenes_-_pre-job_2 Behind_the_scenes_-_pre-job_3 Behind_the_scenes_-_pre-job_4 Behind_the_scenes_-_Press Behind_the_scenes_-_Sean_and_the_kit breakfast1 Ellis_Birmingham Ian_in_the_rig one_more_breakfast sean_and_ian sean_in_spaceman_cut_out_in_hull Sean_not_working_again seans_poorly_finger space_man

11114_10152762114285232_1228596375_n 11664_10152762090175232_868103459_n 19006_10152762114720232_785158632_n 62873_10152762112635232_1604255026_n 557951_10152779192075232_1541601947_n 559878_10152762093355232_1385154514_n 903898_10152758820225232_1751371811_o


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