Laptop proof of concept

This was a proof of concept product animation, pitching for a position at a company. I was given the assets to texture, light, animate and composite. It was a challenge, as the normal rendering engine I was used too wasn’t going to cut it. So I invested in Octane Renderer and was blown away. Utilising […]

Direct Line Videos

Flash Flash was commissioned by Direct Line and Pikul Visuals and asked to do the filming, animation, colour grading and editing for these two explanation videos for Direct Line about Breakdown Cover and Motor Legal protection.

Fire Flash Showreel 2015

This is my showreel for 2015 showcasing a number of diverse disciplines from visual effects and motion graphics, to medical filming and 3D animation.

Fast Web 3D Animation

This is a motion graphics informercial for Fast Web. Showcasing a Joomla Component and the features and benefits from purchasing. Using a combination of 3D animation and Motion Graphics composited together.

Tefal ‘A Little Fresh Fun’ viral

This was a commercial / Viral add that was commissed to try and chapion Tefal’s Fresh Express product in conjunction with making vegtables more appealing to children. Creating a stop motion animation effect with fresh fruit and veg pieces and animate with that ‘stop motion’ look, so jittery movements and flickering screen. Live action elements […]

Tefal Fresh Express

Commissioned to create an infomercial by TEFAL to promote their new Fresh Express produce processing machine. This video was given a treatment, agreed with the client. Then Shot and edited to specification and released as a national infomercial on