This was a proof of concept product animation, pitching for a position at a company. I was given the assets to texture, light, animate and composite. It was a challenge, as the normal rendering engine I was used too wasn’t going to cut it. So I invested in Octane Renderer and was blown away. Utilising the GPU instead of the CPU Octane was able to burn through the renders in a fifth of the time. I only used a single Nvidia 980 GTX.

A number of USP’s and criteria were set which I tried my best to answer in the limited time I had.

Suffice to say I’m pleased with the overall result, of the quality of the renders. It was done in a week and with more time I would have liked to refine some of the camera moves (smooth the curves out etc) I learned a lot on this mini project and while I didn’t get the position the experience i gained was invaluable.

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